Monique Gieskes, Managing Director of PHC, recognized for her leadership with a prestigious award

Mrs Monique Gieskes, Managing Director of the company Plantations et Huileries du Congo (PHC), received on April 03, 2024, in Kinshasa, the emergence prize awarded by Congo Émergence Plus, an association bringing together jurists, journalists, analysts and independent observers from the Democratic Republic of Congo. This distinction once again recognizes his sense of leadership and the social impact actions carried out by PHC under the direction of Mrs. Gieskes at the head of PHC.

Under his leadership, PHC has currently increased from a female representation of 4,5% in 2021 to 14,1% in 2023, some of whom occupy managerial positions. Led by the majority shareholders of Kuramo Capital Management, it has established a culture of sustainability and community engagement, having a significant impact on palm oil production.

A graduate of Faurt Lauderdale University in Florida, USA, with an MBA from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Ms. Monique Gieskes is an accomplished professional. In addition to her career in the palm oil industry, she has played a role in brand protection internationally, demonstrating her influence beyond borders.

—PHC Communication—-

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