Yaligimba Center for
and experimentation
Experimentation in
Tropical Agriculture

The palm oil produced by PHC is 100% Made in DRC, starting from the production of oil palm seeds made at the Yaligimba Center for Research and Experimentation in Tropical Agriculture (CREATY) in the province of Mongala. 

Since its creation in 1946, CREATY has worked to promote the best properties of Congolese oil palms by pursuing three objectives:

  1. Improving oil palm yield by selecting the best crosses;
  2. Carrying out selection for resistance to diseases and poor climatic conditions;
  3. The production of the selected tenera seed variety for PHC plantations and for marketing. The teneravariety, which is a cross between the dura variety and the pisifera variety, has thicker pulp, a thinner shell, and higher oil percentage than both parents.

CREATY is one of the very first oil palm research centers in the world to take part in the largest international breeding programs, making the Center a true global ambassador for Congolese agricultural innovation. Crossing will hold, variety, which is now used worldwide, was created in the DRC, at the National Institute for Agronomic Studies of the Belgian Congo (INEAC) in Yangambi.

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