While PHC's headquarters are in Kinshasa, the true heart of the business remains its three palm oil plantations:
Lokutu, Yaligimba and Boteka. 

PHC's three operating sites are located in the provinces of Tshopo, Mongala and Equateur, where the company manages over 100.000 hectares of land within its concessions. 

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Founded in the 1930s, Yaligimba is PHC's youngest plantation. Located about 60km from Bumba, Yaligimba contains about 8.000 hectares of planted oil palms. 


Founded in the 1910s, Boteka is PHC's oldest plantation. Located about 120 km from Mbandaka, Boteka contains about 3.700 hectares of planted oil palms. 


Founded in the 1920s, Lokutu is PHC's largest plantation. Located about 200 km from Kisangani, Lokutu contains about 9.700 hectares of planted oil palms. 

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