As the main formal sector enterprise in the provinces of Tshopo, Mongala, and Equateur, PHC helps promote:

Improved access to quality health care

Better access to drinking water

Improved educational conditions

New economic opportunities


At all of the company's three sites, PHC has 4reference hospitals, 4health centers and 18clinics managed by the company's medical teams. Through these facilities, PHC provides free health care to all company employees and their families, approximately 25,000 people. 

PHC medical teams also treat community members at company facilities. In 2021, the PHC medical team recorded 113,274 received paediatric consultations, 12,585 hospitalizations, 1,036 major surgeries et 1,678 births in its infrastructure. PHC has also built three health centers within the surrounding communities.

Better access to drinking water

PHC has built over 70 boreholes both inside and outside its concessions, thus allowing people to easily benefit from drinking water. PHC regularly maintains these boreholes and specialized teams analyze the potability of the water.

Improved educational conditions

Since 2018, the company has built 20 schools of 6 classrooms including benches and toilets, thus enabling several thousand children to benefit from better educational conditions.

New economic and income-generating opportunities

In 2021, the PHC Community Development Program implemented 15 agricultural producer organizations (OPA) in 12 towns around its concessions. These OPAs have more than 230 active members registered communities.

In 2021, the community development program also initiated 6 agricultural pilot projects with takeover bids in different sectors. Through these projects, the program distributed more than 2,5 tons of improved maize seeds for the establishment of 100 hectares of maize. 

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