Founded in the 1930s,
Yaligimba is PHC's youngest plantation.

Located in the province of Mongala, the Yaligimba site is 60 km from the town of Bumba. Comprising three estates—Yaliambi, Yaetima, and Bokombe—Yaligimba has approximately 30.00 hectares, of which approximately 12.000 hectares are farmed, making this site PHC's second largest plantation.


The Yaligimba site serves as the base for the Yaligimba plant, which was rehabilitated in 2013. The Yaligimba plant has a production capacity of 30 tons per hour, powered by a steam turbine and a biomass boiler that reuses waste from the factory. The Yaligimba plant's processing system allows PHC to create two primary products, crude palm oil and palm kernel oil, as well as secondary products such as fertilizers that are sent back to the plantation to supply the palm groves.  

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