Located about 250 km from Kisangani in the province of Tshopo,
Lokutu is PHC's largest site.

Comprising four dispersed domains―Irumu, Ngungu, Lokumete, and Mosite―the Lokutu site has approximately 63.000 hectares, of which approximately 14.000 hectares are exploited. As PHC's largest site, Lokutu represents
49% of the company's workforce.


Inaugurated in February 2021, the Lokumete plant is PHC's largest and most modern palm oil plant. Designed and built by an African-led team, the Lokumete plant has the latest technological equipment for processing palm oil. It is powered by a steam turbine and a biomass boiler that recovers the factory's waste, equipment with which the factory is 98% self-sufficient using green energy. 


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