The PHC Foundation holds its first Board of Directors in Kinshasa

The PHC Foundation held its first Board of Directors meeting on Thursday November 30, 2023 in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Led by Mr. Wale Adéosun, President of the PHC Foundation, the meeting defined the objectives of the PHC Foundation, approved the appointment of Board members, established the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, as well as exchanging views on the main areas of intervention and defining the financial framework.

The PHC Foundation is committed to positive-impact community activities in key areas such as health, access to drinking water, education, adequate housing, energy, the environment, infrastructure and agriculture. It is part of the drive to promote prosperity and sustainable development, in line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Following the Board of Directors meeting, Mr. Wale Adéosun, Chairman of the PHC Foundation, told the press that the Foundation would be focusing primarily on community development, with a view to improving living conditions in rural areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ms. Monique Gieskes, PHC's Managing Director and a member of the PHC Foundation's Board of Directors, emphasized that the PHC Foundation will carry out community actions in a more thorough manner, in addition to the social actions carried out by the PHC company. PHC will continue its support for communities as agreed with them through the social clauses signed in 2018.

PHC has contributed significantly to the well-being of local populations, in particular through respecting its commitment to social clauses. It has made available to the communities around its operating sites, in rural areas, 20 schools and 12 others under construction with a capacity of 10,000 students, 4 reference hospitals with 423 beds, 3 health centers and 18 dispensaries which provide health care not only to PHC agents but also offer subsidized care to the populations surrounding PHC sites. The company has set up 72 drinking water boreholes and other social infrastructure for the benefit of the populations around its sites.

Launched September 5, 2023 in Lokutu in the province of Tshopo, the PHC Foundation is an independent entity. It will have its headquarters in Kinshasa and will carry out its activities progressively throughout the country, with the possibility of establishing representations in other places.

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