Brilliant success of the DRC in London: Plantations et Huileries du Congo (PHC) Ex-PLZ featured at the 10th edition of “Africa Debate 2024”

London, Guildhall – The 10th edition of the Africa Debate, organized by Invest Africa Ltd, proved to be a significant event for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in general and society Plantations et Huileries du Congo (PHC) in particular.

Under the leadership of the majority shareholder, Mr. Adewale Adeosun, founder of Kuramo Capital Management and the Managing Director, Monique Gieskes, PHC took the opportunity offered by this international platform to talk about its performance as well as its projects to to attract future investments in the DRC.

Message brought to this 10th edition of the Africa Debate

1. Demonstrate that Africa in general, and the DRC in particular, is not only a continent or country of challenges, but also fertile ground for bold and promising initiatives. PHC illustrated, through his presentation, that the DRC is full of opportunities for those ready to invest in sustainable and high-impact projects.

2. Present your case as a success story in the DRC, sharing the inspiring story of its rebirth. PHC, a century-old company located in the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo, has overcome near bankruptcy to become a thriving and sustainable business, thanks to Congolese leadership and a vision centered on shared prosperity and sustainability.

With a focus on sustainability, shared prosperity and innovation, PHC invites investors from around the world to join this promising adventure and contribute to the creation of lasting prosperity in the DRC. This message caused a sensation among investors present at the conference, who were impressed by the presentation of PHC, an example of investment success in the DRC, and which gives a positive image, capable of attracting investments to the country.

The Congolese of the diaspora, coming from Belgium, France and Great Britain, having learned of PHC's participation via media trailers and social networks, mobilized to encourage the leaders of PHC as well as the shareholders present in London. This is in recognition of their dedication and their positive impact on more than 50 000 Congolese households in rural areas, by offering them employment and contributing to the improvement of their living conditions through the establishment of infrastructure. school and health facilities, drinking water drilling, as well as support for the financial empowerment of communities around PHC's areas of operation in Yaligimba in the province of Mongala, in Lokutu in Tshopo, and in Boteka in Ecuador.

The founder of the Kuramo Capital Management investment fund, Mr. Wallé Adéosun, present at the event, was deeply touched by this act of encouragement, which further reassured him about the success of the win-win investment approach. in the DRC, while positively impacting Congolese communities.

Strategic Meetings

During these events, PHC had the opportunity to meet Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank (AfDB). This meeting was crucial for discussing the prospects for financing and supporting the development of agricultural infrastructure in the DRC. PHC also engaged in discussions with representatives of the financial institutions present, exploring immediate and future investment opportunities. These exchanges aim to strengthen PHC production capacities and support innovative projects such as a palm oil refinery and renewable energy production facilities.

PHC's participation in this prestigious event was marked by African entrepreneurs like actor Idris Elba. This meeting, on the sidelines of the debates, made it possible to discuss investment and collaboration opportunities in Africa, a continent rich in potential, but often underestimated.

Why PHC chose to participate in the 10th edition of the Africa Debate

PHC's presence at the Africa Debate demonstrates its commitment to playing a key role in the economic transformation of the DRC. With ambitious plans and a clear vision, PHC continues to grow and prosper, while bringing tangible benefits to local communities and contributing to environmental conservation.

Also, for PHC, participating in the Africa Debate was a major strategic opportunity. This event brings together global leaders, investors and policy makers, providing an ideal platform to showcase investment opportunities in the DRC based on the PHC success story in order to attract additional investment. By sharing its story of transformation and lasting success, PHC hopes to inspire other companies to invest in Africa and contribute to its economic development.

With an average growth of 20% per year and ambitious projects underway, PHC is well positioned to continue to play a leading role in the palm oil sector in Africa. Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to sustainability, PHC is poised to write the next chapter in its success story.

In conclusion, PHC's participation in the 10th edition of the Africa Debate not only strengthened its international visibility but also consolidated strategic partnerships and generated interest in new investments to support its continued growth and initiatives. sustainable in the DRC.

About PHC

The PHC company is a private limited company based in Kinshasa, DRC. Created in 1911, it operates in the provinces of Équateur, Mongala and Tshopo. It is the largest producer of crude palm oil and crude palm kernel oil in the DRC. The company's vision is to "create shared prosperity through agribusiness" and its mission is to become the global leader in agribusiness with sustainable practices that generate positive impact on communities and the environment. PHC is also the largest private sector employer in the DRC, with 10 000 contracted employees. Committed to improving the living conditions of local populations, PHC operates the largest private hospital system in the DRC, with four reference hospitals, 3 health centers and 16 dispensaries offering health services to its employees as well as to around 150 000 people. PHC provides access to drinking water to communities through the installation and maintenance of 71 boreholes. The company has rehabilitated 24 schools, providing more than 7 000 students with a conducive environment for education. 

About the Africa Debate

Africa Debate is the leading Africa-focused investment forum. The tenth edition taking place in London focused on Africa's role in a changing world order, with speakers discussing and debating the continent's business and investment landscape, as well as its leadership position on the international scene. It is organized by Invest Africa with the support of financial partners. Invest Africa is a leading platform dedicated to business and investments. With over sixty years of experience in Africa, it offers a network, unique information and exposure to business opportunities. Global multinational with over 400 member companies, including multinationals, private equity firms, institutional investors, development finance institutions, professional services organizations, government agencies and entrepreneurs.

Plantations et Huileries du Congo

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