PHC supports primary education by building schools in Boteka

As part of the social clauses signed in 2018, PHC is committed to investing in human capital and improving educational conditions by building modern schools for the communities surrounding its sites. In this series of three blogs, we will highlight PHC's investment in the education sector ; this installment focuses on one of the schools built in Boteka. You can also read our previously published blogs on schools built in Lokutu and It was a trap.

In the province of Equateur inBoteka,students now enjoy better school conditions. In fact, PHC has financed the construction of six primary schools with six classrooms each, which together provide the learning environments for more than 1,500 children. The Nkelengo, Impata, Beyoko, Bempumba, Egondjo and Ngomu schools are among the schools in Boteka that have been rebuilt with financial support from PHC.

The Bempumba Primary School of the Monkoso group perfectly illustrates the ways in which PHC concretizes its commitment to contribute to the education sector. Prior to its construction by PHC, the school had neither a building nor the appropriate equipment that would allow students to learn in a safe environment. The school now has a new building with full classrooms, each equipped with benches (126 total). The school also has toilets designated for the students, with specific bathrooms available for girls and boys, as well as for teachers. Bempumba Primary School educates a total of 353 students, including 171 girls and 182 boys.

For communities in the area, PHC's school reconstruction work demonstrates the extent to which the company is dedicated to respecting its commitments as made under the social clauses concluded signed in 2018.

“We are satisfied that PHC has taken into account our concerns, those of seeing the company contribute to the education of our children by building schools for the communities. This action deserves to be praised, we are very grateful”, declared Mr. Bomanga, a notable of the Bempumba village in Monkoso group.

"We were in a great difficulty and could not send our children to school. PHC put an end to our difficulties by offering the community a school with a building, appropriate equipment, and toilets. The study conditions at Bempumba Primary School are now much better than they were before the construction by the company", says Mr. Mokambi, a parent of a student at the school.

Some of the schools built by PHC in Boteka.

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