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PHC Builds Schools in Yaligimba to Support Local Education

As part of the social clauses signed in 2018, PHC is committed to investing in human capital and improving educational conditions by building modern schools for the communities surrounding its sites. In a series of three blogs, we will highlight PHC's investment in the education sector; for this second article, we will present one of the schools built by the company in Yaligimba. You can also read about the schools built in Lokutu and BOTEKA.

Improving educational conditions is one of PHC's priorities in Yaligimbawhere the company supports the schooling of nearly 2,500 children with the reconstruction of six schools, each with six classrooms. PHC has built four primary schools (Mbapa, Yambenga, Yamaya and Yanzeka) and two secondary schools (Institut Bongolu and Institut Technique Agricole (ITA) Yandombo) in Yaligimba.

ITA Yandombo of the Yaliambi group is an excellent illustration of PHC's commitment to investing in human capital. ITA Yandombo was selected by the community in 2021 as one of the rehabilitation projects to be completed by PHC, and was officially handed over to the administrative authorities of Yaliambi on July 9, 2022.

Dedicated to agricultural training, ITA Yandombo has 274 students, including 185 boys and 89 girls. The school has 6 classrooms, an office, as well as three toilets reserved for students and teachers. Each classroom is equipped with 20 benches.

Official presentation of ITA Yandombo in the presence of the head of the Yaliambi Group.

By financing the construction of ITA Yandombo, PHC intends to support the education sector and ensure better agricultural training for potential future employees. Mr. Ernest Likendiakumu Monzia, prefect of studies at ITA Yandombo, said:

“Our wish is that this school really contributes to the education of our children and that the lessons are given there in good conditions. We thank PHC and we invite them to always continue to assist the school and meet its needs as they arise”.

For Mr. Albert Masimo, head of the Yaliambi Group, the ITA Yandombo building is a PHC legacy that must be preserved at all costs:

“This new school is a legacy of PHC passed on to members of the community. We are going to make sure that it really serves the education of our children. We are at the company's side and we promise to support it in all its initiatives”.

Explore in video the schools built by PHC in Yaligimba.

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