PHC school in Lokutu

PHC invests in human capital by building schools in Lokutu

As part of the social clauses signed in 2018, PHC is committed to investing in human capital and improving educational conditions by building modern schools for the communities surrounding its sites. In a series of three blogs, we highlight PHC's investment in the education sector. In this first blog, we present one of the schools built by the company in Lokutu. You can also read about the schools built in It was a trap and BOTEKA.

In Lokutu, where PHC has its largest oil palm cultivation site, the company financed the construction of four schools with six classes each, where more than 700 children are educated. The Lokutu site has three primary schools and one secondary school, namely: the primary schools Loeka, Etwe and Loeke as well as the secondary school Institut Technique Médical (ITM) Mosite.

The Loeka Primary School built by PHC is located in the village of Yalifombo, in the Yanongo Group. The establishment educates a total of 206 students, including 111 girls and 96 boys. The rooms are equipped with benches and blackboards, and the school also has toilets, thus providing learners with a healthy and safe learning environment.

Loeka Primary School in the village of Yalifombo.

Like all schools built by PHC in Lokutu, Loeka Primary School makes a real contribution to the education of children living in the communities where the company operates, as expressed by members of the community satisfied with the project:

“The school had no roof and no safe place to study. And now that a new building has been built, our children can now attend classes in a safe place, and thus receive a proper education. I am satisfied with this achievement”, says Mr. Dominique Ngazini, parent of a student.

“Previously, we didn't have benches for our students to sit on. There was also a lack of blackboards to allow teachers to give lessons in good conditions. With the construction of the new school, we benefit from the same quality of infrastructure as other schools in the country”, explains Mr. Albert Isomalambe, a teacher at Loeka Primary School.

“I am satisfied because the company has kept its commitments to the community. Thank you to PHC for building the Loeka school and allowing our children to study in a healthy environment,” says Mr. Izuikele, Yalifombo village chief.

Explore through this video the schools built by PHC in Lokutu.

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