PHC calls for reconciliation and unity between the communities of MWINGI and BANDU

The society "Plantations et Huileries du Congo” (PHC), established in the territories of Basoko, Isangi and Yahuma, calls for appeasement following a customary dispute between the communities of MWINGI and BANDU.

The PHC company deeply deplores the unfortunate incidents that occurred on May 02, 2024 between the sister communities of MWINGI and BANDU, following the appointment of a new sector head by the Ministry of the Interior in the person of Mr. LIMEHE LOFELI Victor de BANDU , replacing Mr. MEFELA de MWINGI, deceased.

These disputes resulted in the loss of a human life and several injuries. The company was also a victim, as one of its tractor drivers was violently attacked and injured, a company house occupied by one of the community leaders was ransacked, and nine bags of rice seeds as well as many agricultural tools intended to be distributed to Agricultural Producers' Organizations (OPA) were stolen.

However, in a spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness, the PHC company absolves any harm suffered and will not file a complaint. The company strongly encourages the two communities of MWINGI and BANDU to preserve the peace and unity which have long characterized their harmonious coexistence.

PHC remains committed to its vision of creating shared prosperity through agribusiness and continues its mission to be a global leader in sustainable and environmentally friendly production practices, while having a positive social impact on communities. These objectives can only be achieved in a climate of social peace and collaboration. We urge our sister communities of MWINGI and BANDU to promote dialogue to find a peaceful solution to the conflict between them.

Plantations et Huileries du Congo

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