Plantations et Huileries du Congo (PHC) announces the launch of PHC Ventures: An ambitious initiative to support youth entrepreneurship in the DRC

PHC Company, the largest palm oil producer in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is pleased to announce the launch of PHC Ventures, an ambitious, innovative and groundbreaking initiative aimed at supporting entrepreneurship and creating jobs for young people in the DRC.

PHC Ventures, as an independent entity of PHC, positions itself as an incubator and investor, and will finance projects in several key areas such as agriculture, livestock, beekeeping, fish farming, health, projects related to renewable energies and many more. In addition to financing, PHC Ventures will offer young entrepreneurs support in the form of mentoring to help them realize their business ideas and thus contribute to their economic prosperity.

“With PHC Ventures, a new era of opportunities is opening for young entrepreneurs in the Democratic Republic of Congo, helping to foster innovation, job creation and sustainable economic development. » declared Mr. Kamal Pallan, Director of Operations of the investment company Kuramo Capital Management, majority shareholder of PHC.

“I am proud of this initiative and of our company’s commitment to the development of youth entrepreneurship in the DRC. With this initiative, we will continue our commitment to improving the lives of the communities surrounding our sites of operations. We look forward to working with young entrepreneurs and supporting them on their journey to success,” declared Ms. Monique Gieskes, Managing Director of PHC.

Indeed, the launch of PHC Ventures is a continuation of PHC's commitment to improving the living conditions of the communities surrounding its operating sites located in the provinces of Tshopo, Mongala and 'Ecuador.

About PHC

Established in 1911, PHC is a key player in the DRC's palm oil industry, playing a vital role in the national economy. Since 2021, thanks to the support of its majority shareholder, Kuramo Capital Management, and under the leadership of Madam Monique Gieskes, Managing Director, PHC has experienced remarkable growth, increasing its production by 20% per year over the last three years. As an economic pillar in the provinces of Tshopo, Mongala and Equateur, where the company operates, PHC has increased its workforce from 6 500 to almost 10 000 employees between 2021 and 2024, all under direct contract. With its vision of creating prosperity through agribusiness, PHC has built and equipped 24 primary schools serving over 7 000 children. The company also has 4 hospitals, 4 health centers and 17 dispensaries, providing medical care to its employees, their families and the surrounding communities. PHC also ensures access to drinking water through the installation and maintenance of 71 boreholes. The company also supports 91 Agricultural Producer Organizations (OPAs) by providing quality seeds and agricultural tools.

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