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Plantations et Huileries du Congo is the largest industrial palm oil production company in the
Democratic Republic of Congo.

Established in 1911, PHC is the Congolese leader in the industrial production of palm oils. The oil produced by PHC is 100% “Made in the DRC” and is sold locally for Congolese consumption.

PHC produces two types of palm oil:

  • Crude palm Oil, a basic necessity for food security in the DRC. Since 2017, PHC has produced over 180.000 tonnes of crude palm oil.
  • Palm Kernel Oil, which is mainly used in the production of cosmetics.  

With nearly 6.500 employees working within its production line, PHC is also the largest employer in the DRC after the government. The company has three operating sites where it conducts its operations: 

  • LOKUTU, in the province of Tshopo.
  • YALIGIMBA, in the province of Mongala.
  • BOTEKA, in the province of Equateur.

In total, the three sites constitute 100.000 hectares of land, of which 25.000 are planted with oil palms.

Plantations et Huileries du Congo has one driving vision: to create shared prosperity through agribusiness.

PHC's activities are not limited to the production of palm oils. Due to the significant development challenges in the provinces where the company operates, PHC is committed to providing support to the basic needs of local populations.

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